The Training Team and Group Exercise Instructors have the expertise to encourage and guide you to accomplish your fitness goals. Our fitness professionals are excited to offer you the following services: Strength Training, Fitness Assessments, Core Conditioning, Flexibility, Weight Loss, Personal Nutrition Counseling, Sport-Specific Training, Pilates, Yoga, Aquatics, Pre/Post Natal and much more. Our group exercise classes are some of the best in Nashville and feature the latest exercise routines in fitness. Our Training Team works one-on-one with clients by designing a fitness program uniquely catered towards each client's needs.  Please contact 615-352-8500 ext. 125 for more details.

Training Team


Cindy Hay - HembyPaula

Cindy has been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years. She is passionate about helping others live a healthier, happy life with exercise and nutrition and learning to balance all that life has to offer. She is certified in Personal Training through AFAA and ACE as well as holds a certification for Pilates mat and equipment with Pole Star and Balanced Body. Cindy works with all levels of fitness needs and loves to help design fitness programs for participants.

Cindy owns and operates a Pilates studio located inside WAC called Body of Work. She enjoys teaching group exercise classes and is currently the Group Exercises Director for WAC as well.

Resist a Ball Fitness
Les Mills Body Pump
Johnny G Spin
Yoga Fit
Physical Mind Institute
Pre / Post Natal
Pre and Post Rehabilitation Pole Star
CPR/ First Aid/ AED certified



John Rios

John Rios has a passion for sports health and fitness. Through his pursuit of athletics in high school through football, basketball, and track, he developed a good understanding of fitness and an importance of having a healthy lifestyle. All of which lead him to become a personal trainer in the Mid-90’s.

After receiving his Bachelors of Arts from Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY in 1996, John moved to Nashville and became a personal trainer at WestSide Athletic Club. He specializes in high-intensity circuit training combining both resistance training along with cardio intervals. John feels this method to be particularly effective in burning fat while promoting lean muscle mass. He is a strict believer in a strong core development thus he includes abdominal training in every regime. John understands the importance of fitness for all ages and trains everyone from toddlers to adults.

Motto:  "Through the process of exercising, one can deceive your age and fitness level."


AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
CPR/ First Aid/ AED Certified



Kathy Moore

Kathy has been working in the fitness industry since 1986 when when she first became employed by the YMCA. She has been certified through AFFAA, IFTA, and Yoga fit, Cycle Reebok, Turbo Kick, and YMCA. She teaches a variety of group fitness classes and specializes in bootcamp, strength training, kickbox, yoga, Zumba, step, and spin. She attends national fitness conferences on a regular basis and many continuing education workshops. She prefers to use a variety of tools to train, including but not limited to, the Bosu balance trainer, gliding discs, Body Bar, and resistance tubing.

Kathy has experience training people in avariety of fitness levels from people with injury or health issues to professional athletes. She has also designed sports specific programs for high school athletes who participate in tennis, soccer, and softball. She has even worked with professional athletes including the Nashville Kats AFL football team and Nashville Predators. She has a specific strong interest in injury prevention especially in young female athletes, having had an ACL replacement herself, thus she enjoys teaching injury prevention





Paula Gourneau

Paula has been in the fitness industry for many years. She draws her fitness roots from her choreography routines learned from when she participated in dance classes starting at age 3 all the way to age 18. She then continued by becoming an aerobics instructor. After battling cancer and pulmonary issues as well as raising seven children, she began to build a firm understanding of the importance of health and nutrition and the effects they have on the body. Her interests in the pursuit of more knowledge about health and fitness lead to her receiving a Certificate of Nutrition from Purdue.

With her extensive experience and new found knowledge in the health and fitness industry she pursued to become a Certified Personal Trainer so that she can offer assistance to those in need of fitness guidance. Her goal is to instill in everyone confidence in their abilities to take charge of their own health and offer persistence and accountability.

Endurance training, Strength training, Weight loss 

Body Pump- (Les Mills)
Body Vive- (Les Mills)
Body Flow- (Les Mills)
Turbo Kick
Aerobics/ Rhythmic Aerobics/ Water Aerobics
CPR/ First Aid/ AED


Pam Orlando

Pam Orlando has a Master’s degree in Health Promotion and Education from Vanderbilt University and began her career as a personal trainer at Westside Athletic Club in 1990.  Pam has been certified by ACE and NASM and currently maintains her certification as a Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) through AAFHFRP (American Academy of Health, Fitness, and Rehabilitation Professionals),  An MES is qualified to work with clients during the transition from physical therapy to independent exercise.  Pam has worked with numerous senior clients and many others with medical issues, such as arthritis, joint injuries, hypertension, and post-CVA (stroke) complications.  These complications include   balance problems and loss of functional fitness that can limit independence and ability to perform normal activities of daily living.

Pam’s own fitness interests include running, cycling, and yoga. She is a proponent of exercise, good nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle as the cornerstones for optimum health, youthfulness and longevity.  Pam became convinced of this philosophy through her acquaintance with many vibrant older members of Westside, who became role models for how to enjoy life in one’s golden years.  Pam also strongly believes in a wellness lifestyle that is balanced between work, leisure, spirituality, family, and social interaction.


Cindy Williams

Cindy’s interest in fitness began in High School. In her 20's, she gravitated towards competing in
fitness related shows and later tried a few
bodybuilding competitions. She was successful but didn't think the dieting was something she could maintain for a lifetime. Now she enjoys guiding others to a better overall health and appearance. She is a loving mom of two and has a “precious” fiance.

She loves to train people of all ages and specializes in pre/post pregnancy fitness.

First Aid/ CPR/ AED





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